Sunday through Wednesday, January 1-4, 2023—Rain, Pickleball, and Injuries

It does rain in Arizona, and the area really needs moisture to reverse drought conditions. But, that is not why we came here for the winter! It has hampered playing pickleball and golf. Sunday, New Year’s Day, saw rain most of the day, but skies began clearing about noon on Monday

With rain mostly out of the forecast, the pickleball courts were squeegeed, then drug with large remnants of carpet, face down, until basically dry. And the players came; the courts were filled from about 8 AM until 8 PM. The pickleball club here at Palm Creek has over 1400 members, varying in skill level from beginner to 5.0 (expert). Every one of the 32 courts were busy. I played on the “challenge” courts Tuesday morning, and then in the skill level 3.5 Creek (3.5 social) round robin late in the afternoon. Regrettably, I went up for a high shot, right arm and paddle extended, and hyperextended (I think) my right shoulder. Oh, did it hurt. Ice and Tylenol did little to take the edge off. Nor did sleep did not come fitfully. And poor Kay’s shoes did not provide proper support, and she came home from pickleball with a sore ankle. Getting old is not for sissies.

It seems like we’re both going to have to rest; I am being assessed Friday for movement up a level to 3.5 Palm (3.5 competitive) if my body allows it, AND IF I’M GOOD ENOUGH.

Sore joints meant no pickleball nor golf; Wednesday was a rather quiet day. We took advantage of the hot tub and swimming pool, enjoying southern Arizona sun.

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