Thursday through Thursday, January 5-12, 2023—A Test/Assessment and Healing

Kay continues to play pickleball several times a week and is steadily improving. In addition, she plays golf weekly, and is hitting the ball well. She worked the check-in desk for pickleball Thursday morning, and played with her round robin group in the afternoon, and won several matches. 

On Friday morning, I was assessed for promotion to the next higher level of pickleball. The following will be of interest only to people who follow pickleball.

The assessment process included both Skills Testing and Play Observation. Ratings are recognized by USAPA, IPTPA, PC Canada or DUPR. I was being assessed to move from the 3.30 to 3.49 group to the 3.50-3.89 group. The assessment was comprised of two components: a Skills Based Component and a Game Play Component.

Skills Component consisted of dinks, drop shots, serves, and return of serves as follows:

DINKS (Ball must land in the Kitchen)

Forehand/Backhand 14 out of 20 Windshield wiper Dinks

DROP SHOTS (Ball must land in the Kitchen)

Transition-forehand 8 out of 10

Transition-backhand 8 out of 10

Baseline-forehand 6 out of 10

Baseline-backhand 6 out of 10

SERVES (Ball must land in back 1/2 of court, excluding the kitchen)

Right court, 4 out of 5

Left court, 4 out of 5

RETURN OF SERVES (Ball must land in back 1/2 of court, excluding the kitchen)

Right court-forehand, 4 out of 5

Left court-backhand, 4 out of 5

Minimum to pass is 58 out of 80.

At the conclusion of the Skills Component, assessment participants played three games with other players. Scores were recorded and evaluators observed overall play. Assessment was objective, based on Skill scores, Game scores and evaluator feedback on overall game play.

It was a very difficult test, particularly transition-BACKHAND and baseline-BACKHAND drop shots. I did PASS, and was promoted to the 3.50-3.89 group; I was the only age 70+ player in the group.

Kay and I both played social pickleball with the Arkansas group Friday afternoon, and we all had pizza afterward.

Saturday was a rest day for us, but Sunday was a full day with golf in the afternoon, and a Neal Diamond tribute show in the evening.

Kay continued playing pickleball Monday, but I was in a bit of pain from the “bad” shoulder and did not participate in any physical activities. In fact the pain was such that I did not participate in the Arkansas happy hour in the late afternoon.

I played golf with the Arkansas group on Tuesday, and it did not end well. I shot a decent game, but reinsured the right shoulder joint, and was in substantial pain. On Wednesday and Thursday, Kay continued playing pickleball and working the pickleball desk. I attempted to get an appointment at Mayo Clinic in Phoenix for the injured shoulder, but there were no appointments available through April. Otherwise, I watched several pickleball games and lawn bowling, soaked in the hot tub, watched social water volleyball, and listened to several audio books.

Friday was pickleball day for the Arkansas group. I opted to play left-handed; pity my partners. Kay played really well. Afterwards, we all enjoyed sandwiches and beer at a local sports bar.

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