2023—What Uncertainty Awaits Us

The last three years (2020, 2021, and 2022) have left us a bit shaken about what to expect. Plans are only that, and flexibility is ever more important. And, at our age, we feel an urgency to see and do as much as health, time, and money allow. On top of that, the young grandkids are growing up, and we wonder when we will not be their preferred company. A couple have already outgrown us, and another two are quickly approaching teenage years. Our health has held up pretty well, but aches and pains seem to be more numerous and debilitating, and proneness to injury limits our physical activities—the mind wants to do it, but the body doesn’t respond accordingly. 

For us, we have serious concerns about our country and about our church. I abhor divisiveness and that seems to be the preferred answer to most regional, national, and international differences. But there’s always pickleball and golf.

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