Thursday through Saturday, December 29-31, 2022—Ending An Unusual Year, 2022

Pickleball was on the agenda for Thursday morning, and it sure felt good to be back on the courts as I played a round robin with other 3.5s.

Unpacking was completed, golf clubs and carts readied for play, and ancillary traveling items (e.g. auxiliary brake) stowed for the winter. Partly sunny skies and moderate temperatures provided a reminder of why we spend winters here in Casa Grande, Arizona.

Regretfully, however, rain was in the forecast, and that meant covering golf clubs, carts, and bicycles. Another wonderful soak in the hot tub preceded our night’s sleep.

As was forecasted, it did rain early Friday morning, with more expected during the day. All scheduled pickleball was cancelled, and the golf course was wet. With weather conditions such as they were, we opted to go to Chandler and Gilbert, Phoenix suburbs, for lunch and shopping. The PGA Superstore and Costco welcomed us with open arms. And, we found time to travel to the Riparian Preserve at Gilbert for last of the year photographs. A late lunch at a great Thai restaurant wrapped up a good day away from the resort.

Saturday was pretty quiet for us. We did join other Hot Springs Village folks wintering here for a New Year’s Eve potluck at the Starrs. TheGeorgia/Ohio State football game kept us on pins and needles most of the evening. And needless to say, the food was delicious, and the ham and rolls provided by the Starrs were the centerpiece of our “last” meal of the year. A champagne toast at 10 PM (it’s 2023 somewhere) ended our evening and 2022.

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