Monday through Wednesday, December 26-28, 2022—Westward Ho

We were up really early Monday morning, ready to drive west for warmer temperatures. After leaving the storage bay, the old Honda CR V was hooked up to the motorhome, and we were driving southwest by 6:30 AM.  With Kay and I taking turns driving and the lack of heavy traffic, particularly semis, the day’s milage added up quickly; even the drive through Dallas and Fort Worth was relative easy.

Our first overnight was at Coffee Creek RV Resort and Cabins in Santo, Texas, near Weatherford. Though the weather was a bit warmer, the nighttime temperature dipped to 22•.

For some reason, the “house” batteries crashed about 2 AM early Tuesday, and the beeping refrigerator woke Kay up. The only way I could get things working was to start and run the motorhome engine. After an hour and a half, the batteries were charged enough to work until we departed at about 6:30 AM. The day’s drive took us through the Permian Basin, with its landscape of oil and gas wells. Poor Kay fought the wind during her driving time Tuesday. We opted to overnight at Van Horn, going to bed just after 7 PM.

Early Wednesday morning was near an identical repeat of Tuesday morning, including the loss of battery power early in the morning. Again, running the motorhome engine temporarily solved the problem. Since we were already awake, we opted to leave really early, departing about 4:30 AM. Lack of traffic and wind made the early morning departure well worth it. With the early start and a change in time zones, we were able to drive through El Paso without heavy traffic or any issues. Rain and heavy wind accompanied us from El Paso, through the bottom corner of New Mexico, and into Arizona. We stopped for an early lunch at a rest area near Wilcox, and fought wind for only a few more miles. After driving through Tucson, another hour’s drive brought us to Palm Creek RV and Golf Resort in Casa Grande.

Check-in was smooth, and set-up was without any major problems. After unpacking most of our “stuff” it was off to the car wash to remove the dirt and grime accumulated on the tow out here. The car wash did a poor job, but we’ll get another tomorrow. And, hopefully, their vacuums will be working as well. Our late afternoon was quiet, and we enjoyed a long soak in the hot tub before bedtime.

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