Friday through Tuesday, July 1-5, 2022—Too Darn Hot

After a brief respite from the heat, another heat dome has settled over mid-America. A heat dome occurs when high-pressure circulation in the atmosphere acts like a dome or cap, trapping heat at the surface and preventing cool air from entering the area. Many scientists say this may be the coolest summer for the rest of our lives!

I don’t like real cold or real hot weather, and am forced to stay inside during these temperature extremes anathema for someone who not only enjoys, but thrives on outdoor activities. Consequently, Friday and Saturday were stay-at-home inside days for the both of us. While watering potted plants on the deck and patio, a few photos were made—mostly dragonflies, but also a butterfly and a flower. I occupied “inside time” by sorting through old photographs, and identifying each by key words. Fortunately, this is a several days’ job, and provides relief from the heat, and rekindles many memories.

Delta Arrowhead

On Sunday, we joined Ron, Kaden, and Diana at Lake Ouachita for a couple of hours of lake time, but the heavy boating traffic made “hanging in the water” difficult. Nevertheless, it was great seeing and spending time with them.

Independence Day was a hot one as well. Typically, we enjoy a picnic-type meal with Jim and Jackie and friends, but I canceled out due to heat. Kay was a brave soul and suffered through the super heated still air. She and Pam canceled their viewing of the Hot Springs Village July 4th fireworks because of the heat.

Tuesday brought more of the same as I played in a sweaty golf scramble with our church group, and thankfully it was at Coronado, a short, executive golf course. Despite having a great team, we came in dead last!

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