Saturday through Thursday, June 18-30, 2022—Celebrating Summer

Saturday and Sunday were quiet days; we took advantage and rested, catching up on social media and blog writing. On Monday, we welcomed daughter Jenny and her family for several days. For the rest of the week—Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday—we spent time at the beach, in the swimming pool, and on the patio playing in the water.

The visit with Jenny, Harper, Linc, and Sutton was terrific, but I must confess that hiking with Harper and watching her take photos was extra special; she is a talented young lady. I can’t wait until the other two are old enough to “play” with me. Here are some of her photos.

Jenny was great help in washing clothes, making meals, and cleaning up during their visit. Kay and I spent Saturday and Sunday recovering from our hosting duties as grandparents. And then, we began playing golf and pickleball in earnest on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. In fact, after playing golf and pickleball Monday, golf on Tuesday, and pickleball some 4+ hours on Wednesday, I was about done for, and had to quit Thursday golf on the 14th hole. Kay was out playing both sports as well, but had enough sense to know when enough was enough. Fortunately, the hot tub was repaired early in the week and provided soothing relief for our aging and aching muscles and joints. Kay’s friend since before first grade, Sue, came to visit Thursday. I did make it out to the back to do some photography Thursday, getting a few decent shots of butterflies, mostly Sachems and/or Fiery Skippers, and one Pipevine Swallowtail.

Dragonflies were zooming everywhere.

Even a Tree Frog could not escape being “shot.”

Tree Frog

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