Wednesday through Saturday, July 6-9, 2022—Another Set of Grandkids

The next few days were special ones—time with another set of grandkids. We met Karyn, Ridge and Aker, and Ron and Cheryl for pizza Wednesday evening in Benton. After dinner, Ridge and Aker were handed off to us for their summer visit. Because it was late, the kids played with their tablets for an hour or so before heading to bed.

The kids woke up in a pleasant mood Thursday morning, and remained quiet and inactive for an hour or so. A quick breakfast was followed by a full day of activities. Kay and Ridge went to Diamante for pickleball while Aker and I remained at the house to water the plants and “play” outside. Ridge is becoming a formidable pickleball player, and got to play with and against the US Senior Olympic champion and Diamante Tennis pro, Geoff Hodsdon. Geoff used the opportunity to teach Ridge about the game. Aker enjoys watering the plants and admires the beautiful colors. After an active morning, the kiddos had lunch, and then were off to the pool with Kay where they had a great time. Evening came quickly, and after quieting down it was bedtime for all of us.

The grands and I traveled to Mid-America Science Museum in Hot Springs Friday morning after breakfast. With over 100 hands-on exhibits, there were enough activities to keep Ridge and Aker busy for a couple of hours.

The indoor cave was far and away their favorite exhibit, and they “explored” it many times during the visit. It was too hot to spend any significant time outside, but there was plenty to do otherwise. After a quick lunch, Kay and Pam took the kids to see Minions: The Rise of Gru. Upon their return, Kay and I offered to take them to the pool at Diamante, but they politely stated a preference for the beach at Lake Balboa. The beach was near empty, and as the sun faded, the breeze off of Lake Balboa provided relief from the hot conditions. The kids had a ball, and played in the lake until we drug them out well after sunset. A late dinner and bedtime followed.

Time with Ridge and Aker passed entirely too quickly, and Kay returned them to their mom about mid-morning Saturday. I ventured outside in the afternoon to discover a few butterflies, mostly Fiery Skippers) nectaring on the Lantana, and a rare visitor to our yard, a Gray Hairstreak, was also spotted among the many blooms.

A few dragonflies were zooming about looking for their next conquest.

The house sure was quiet the rest of the day.

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