Thursday through Thursiday, June 9-16—Heat and Humidity

It appears that we’ve entered a period of high heat and humidity, combined to yield a heat index of over a 100° most days. That makes it near impossible to enjoy any outdoor activities, even those involving just a minimum of movement. Oh well, I vowed to remain home most of this summer for the first time in many years despite the temperatures.

On Thursday, June 9, Kay and the girls traveled to North Little Rock for “The Book Club” monthly meeting. Dan Olson and I tripped to Middle Fork Barrens Natural Area just east of Hot Springs Village in an attempt to photograph female Diane Fritillaries, Arkansas’ state butterfly. The males appeared a week or so ago, so we knew the females would soon follow. The sun and heat brought our a number of butterflies, including several species of skippers. Photographs were made of a Horace’s Duskywing, Common Buckeye, Crossline Skipper, Fiery Skipper, and Clouded Skipper.

I was lucky to capture a couple shots of an Eastern Tailed-blue with its wings open—such a little beauty. 

And, a Pipevine Swallowtail sat still long enough to photograph. 

Pipevine Swallowtail

There were a number of male Diane Fritillaries; the few females were difficult to photograph. 

Towards the end of the day’s walk, a couple of females settled long enough for pictures, before a male would pester them away; love was in the air.

A few dragonflies were also moving about.

And finally, a “last of the season” Indian Pink was found in an area of dense vegetation. 

Indian Pink

Friday’s heat kept me in the house most of the day while Kay gave blood for lab work prior to her mid-year medical review.

We both stayed in Saturday morning before leaving shortly after lunch to attend Ridge’s soccer games. He is becoming a very good player, and it’s always fun to watch him play. Photos were taken by Kay.

I awoke Sunday with the beginning of a back ache and is the result of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis. Surgery in April 2015 significantly helped in relieving the constant, debilitating pain, but about every four to six weeks a back ache arises and lasts a few days. We attended church, and then went to Pam’s to assist with assembly of patio furniture. It was another hot, humid day. A couple of hours at the Diamante pool sure helped for cooling off. Bridge with Jim and Jackie Sunday evening was a hoot; it’s much fun the you win!

The back ache worsened on Monday, forcing cancelation of an afternoon golf game. Just to get out of the house, I drove to the Diamante Pickleball courts, and because there was a shortage of players, agreed to play. Surprisingly it helps the ache. But, a couple of hours after pickleball, the ache returned! Kay opted out of her pickleball games, and watched the “sedition” hearings, followed by a long visit to the manicurist.

As expected, the back ache continued Tuesday, but I participated in the church group golf scramble anyway. Of course our team came in dead last, but we had a good time. Kay had her semi-annual medical visit, only to find out she’s in great health!

Kay was up BEFORE the crack of dawn on Wednesday, as she was the “cart barn starter” for the Hot Springs Village Women’s Duffers golf group. That lady gives a lot more than she gets, but enjoys the action and people; she practically knows everyone in Hot Springs Village. I played pickleball with the Diamante group. There are about eight to ten regulars that play, and the competition is very strong regardless of the team makeups. Most games are decided by only a few points. It is really enjoyable to play with them. And, the back ache continues.

Plans to help with repair of the pickleball courts Thursday morning were disrupted by several problems with our sprinkler system; a leak, stopped up filters, and blown heads. One of the four areas was completely repaired while work was begun on the other three. We had dinner with Morris’s at Cajun Boilers in Hot Springs. Though the service was great, but all of us were disappointed with the food; Cajun Boilers used to be a really good restaurant. And, by the way the backache is slowly going away.

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