Friday through Wednesday, June 3-8, 2022—Between the Storms

“Between the Storms” sounds like a country or gospel song title, but it’s our weather reality. Those of you who live in Arkansas know I speak the truth!

On Friday, Kay and I ventured to Costco in West Little Rock, our first trip there in about a month! Buying gasoline and have my hearing aids serviced are two things we always do when shopping there. Regrettably, there are few sampling stations with food on which to nibble. I ventured out to Middle Fork Barrens Natural Area in hopes of finding Diana Fritillaries, Arkansas’ state butterfly, fluttering about. It’s always a time of the year to which I look forward. A few males were active, nectaring on the Monarda, commonly known as Bee Balm; no females were observed.

With warm temperatures and sunshine, and the absence of rain, other butterflies were nectaring.

Several dragonflies landed and remained still long enough for their photo to be made.

And surprisingly, the wildflowers were spectacular.

Saturday was relatively quiet. Pam joined Kay and me at the Diamante swimming pool for a bit of sun; the water is still too cold for immersion.

On Sunday, Kay, Pam, and a couple of other ladies flew to south Mississippi to spend a few days relaxing at Beau Rivage. Gambling, eating, and sunbathing were the main items on their agenda. With Kay absent, it sure was quiet around the house—“just sayin.”

Because of rain, I stayed in the house on Monday and Tuesday working on photo organization and edits, and beginning an online, in-depth course in Photoshop. In that last regard, it seems like I have to play each video two or three times before some of the lesson(s) soaks in. And, I’ve begun a diet as I NEED/WANT to lose weight and get healthier; it’s not easy!

Kay returned home to storms and heavy rain on Wednesday, saying that the commute from the airport to Hot Springs Village was frightening with the intensity of rain and roadway water. Our Wednesday afternoon pickleball games were cancelled once again because of the rain.

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