Saturday through Thursday, May 28-June 2, 2022—Social Butterflies and More

Memorial Day weekend proved to be a quiet one for the most part. Saturday, we worked in the “yard” a little bit, and then hung out at the pool at Diamante Country Club. After that, we both read, and then watched British crime dramas.

On Sunday, Karyn, Matt, and kids came to visit. Ridge immediately jumped on his kayak and paddled in the lake. Aker and I got in another kayak and joined him. The kayaking was short lived when Aker thought wasps were chasing us; it was a few Eastern Amberwing dragonflies. Convincing her that they were harmless was not in the cards. The Adams’ joined friends at Lake Balboa for afternoon boating and playing in the sand. 

Monday, Karyn, Ridge, Aker, Kay, and I played pickleball at Diamante. After practicing for about half an hour, all of us except Aker joined other pickleballers in a few competitive matches. Karyn and Ridge did great.

After pickleball, they packed up and returned home. The back of our lot near the lake provided a number of damselflies and dragonflies to photograph, with a preponderance of Blue Dasher dragonflies.

To say that Tuesday was a quiet day would be an understatement. Two significant things happened. First, we spotted an unusual moth on the deck, and second, Kay played ladies’ pickleball with her Tuesday group. I “piddled” in the yard, and read. See, I told you it was a quiet day!

Wednesday began a new month; they seem to be whizzing by. Kay play golf with the Lady Duffers as usual, and I finally made it to the Diamante pickleball court after a long absence due to weather related wet courts. We were scheduled to play pickleball with the Paddle Wheelers (winter Arizona group and friends), but it began raining just as we arrived at the Hot Springs Village Courts. The downpour continued for the next hour or so, preventing our playing. We “adjourned” to the Mexican restaurant for drinks and dinner.

Thursday, I played pickleball. Kay and I attended her PEO group party, and visited with a lot of folks from church.

Weather in Hot Springs Village has prevented much in the way of outdoor sports. It has rained frequently, the golf courses are wet, and the pickleball courts are slick and unsafe most of the time. When a break in the weather allows some photography, it is typically so humid that my clothes are soaking wet after only an hour or so. We’re sure glad that there is no climate change or global warming; what would we do then!

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