Saturday and Sunday, April 16-17, 2022—Easter Weekend

Another “acceptable” weather day for photographs came on Saturday, despite wet conditions and misty rain. Cedar Creek Trail in Hot Springs Village is the “go to” place right now for wildflowers, and the target today was the Lily. However, it’s way too late for that bloom, but there were lots of Dwarf Crested Irises along some sections of the trail. They are such pretty blooms!

Other wildflowers and blooms made for good photographs as well.

Easter Sunday began with light rain. I really didn’t want to go to church, but Kay’s “gentle” urgings changed my mind (I was concerned about crowds and COVID, or at least that’s what I told myself). As usual, our pastor Sieg Johnson gave a great sermon. He is such a great teaching pastor! We drove from church directly to Karyn’s for lunch with Kay’s family—great visit, great food—and returned home about mid afternoon. In the photos below, Ridge and Aker are grandkids, Ron is Kay’s son, Karyn is Kay’s daughter, and Cheryl is Ron’s wife.

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