Monday though Wednesday, April 18-20, 2022—Muddy Golf and Rain

Rain Sunday made for muddy golf on Monday. Our group played Ponce de Leon Golf Course, which is the wettest golf course in the Village, and today it was soaked. The course was cart path only, and what with hitting every shot from the wet fairways, putting on freshly punched and sanded greens, and applying Friday’s lesson made for a really bad game, score wise. The good news is that it can only get better.

Kay played pickleball a good portion of the day on Tuesday. First, she played with a group of women at the Hot Springs Village pickleball courts, had lunch with the neighborhood ladies, and then returned to the pickleball courts for drills facilitated by Laurie Furney, a really good 4.0 player. I played golf with our church scramble group on Magellan Golf Course, Much to our surprise, it wasn’t too bad and was 90° on all holes but one; it sure made a difference in my game as I played pretty well, at least for a scramble.

It rained practically all Tuesday night and Wednesday. Dan came over for coffee and he and I shot the bull for a while as Kay did some baking.

There were no photos taken this week, but here are some throwback photos from our RV trip to the Yukon and Alaska in 2009. These are of Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada.

Lake Louise, AB
Moraine Lake as seen from the shoreline (near Lake Louise, AB)

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