Thursday and Friday, April 14-15, 2022—The Book Club Meets Again

Kay, Pam, Jackie, and Martha drove to North Little Rock Thursday morning to the monthly “The Book Club” meeting; it was an all day affair, and all the members were present for the first time in a long while. I was scheduled to play golf, but course conditions were wet and it was cart path only. But, the sun was shining and conditions were right for a few flowers to be blooming and some bugs flying—in other words, great conditions for photography.

I waited until after lunch to allow time for butterflies to warm up, and drove to Middle Fork Barrens Natural Area. A few butterflies landed, but most just flittered by.

Even the dragonflies were skittish, or hungry. And, a few wildflowers presented themselves for photographs.

Good Friday was a relatively quiet day for us. I did fit in a golf lesson with Mike Socha, our favorite golf pro. He is so good at analyzing one’s swing and immediately suggest fixes that work! I was off balance, gripping too tight with the right hand, had the ball position wrong in the stance, etc.—just MINOR issues. I felt good about the lesson, but putting the fixes into action may be another story.

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