Saturday through Wednesday, April 9-13, 2022—Rain

As you will note from the following paragraphs, we had a pretty dull existence the early part of this week, almost to the point that it is not worth reporting. Rain was forecast practically everyday this reporting period, though Ridge did get in a soccer game on Saturday. He plays his heart out but there are some weak teammates, so each game is difficult. He is well respected by his team, and gets involved in every up and down field action. Close games and losses may be character building, but not too much fun! Anyway, Kay and I were there to cheer him on as were another granddad, Uncle Ron and Aunt Cheryl, and of course his parents. Photos courtesy of Karyn.

After the game, Kay and I shopped at Costco, the first time in several weeks. And then, it was back home again. Later in the afternoon I visited Middle Fork Barrens Natural Area for the first time this year, and despite the wind was able to photograph a few wildflowers.

Sunday was truly a day of rest for us. On Monday, Kay had her semi-annual dental cleaning and checkup; golf for me was cancelled because of wet conditions! And, it hailed in the evening.

Kay played pickleball on Tuesday at the HSV pickleball courts, and I played golf at Granada, despite last night’s hail storm. Kay had a great time, and held her own score wise. The golf scramble for the church group was fun, but our team did not fair so well.

Storms on Wednesday kept us practically housebound all day. The area received about an inch of rain. Trees have almost all leafed out, Dogwood trees are blooming, and shrubs are beginning to grow.

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