Wednesday through Friday, April 6-8, 2022—Finally, More Photographs

Kay played golf Wednesday morning, and I forced myself to walk Cedar Creek Trail in Hot Springs Village to photograph a few flowers. Unfortunately, Kay played golf at the Coronado Golf Course on rain-soaked fairways, making for a “sloppy” game. I had been waiting for the perfect day to take photographs since returning from Arizona in mid-March. And, of course, the perfect day doesn’t come often; we have been beset with wind, rain, and/or cold since returning. Today was no exception as was windy and overcast—but overcast is good. My target bloom today was specifically the Trout Lily, but I had waited a bit too late. However, upon entering the trail, a Fire Pink stood to the side beckoning for a photograph. It is one of my favorites.

And several Rue Anemones and Violets were blooming.

It is difficult to capture the detail in yellow wildflowers, but they were too beautiful to ignore.

And Wild Cherry trees were still in bloom, and the first Dogwood tree bloom of the season appeared, hidden off the side of the trail.

The forest floor was carpeted with Mayapple plants, and upon close examination, a bloom exposed itself, facing the good earth rather than the overcast skies. I couldn’t refuse.

And this spring beauty appeared, perhaps a Violet?

After the long walk, photographs were downloaded and Kay and I met Ron and Cheryl for dinner at the Copper Mule in Bryant, catching up after a long winter absence.

On Thursday, Kay played pickleball at Diamante and I played golf—very badly—at Isabella Golf Course.

Friday was haircut day for me, and it was so good having Melissa do a trim. She is such a good “barber” and stylist. She was able to fix the horrible haircut I got in Arizona in early January when the stylist practically did a buzz cut—and I don’t have that much hai

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