Friday through Saturday, March 11-19—Getting Back in the Swing of Things

Unpacking from a winter away is a required and time consuming chore. Not only do clothes have to be washed and cleaned, but pantry items have to be resolved, and refrigerator/freezer items relocated. And then there are the “toys” and their maintenance. 

We awoke Friday morning to winter weather advisories being issued for the entire state of Arkansas continuing through Saturday morning. An arctic front quickly moved into the Hot Springs Village area, is already moving through western Arkansas, replacing the comfortable temperatures enjoyed the last few days. Temperatures did hit the low to mid-50s before the boundary arrived. And then  the temperatures plummeted into the 30s with gusty north and northeast winds of 15 to 25 mph. Precipitation started as rain, but changed to light snow before going to all snow in the late afternoon and evening. Kay multitasked washing, drying, and folding clothes while moving and sorting food in the refrigerator/freezer. In addition, she made a grocery list of food for home.

Saturday was for visiting Karyn, Matt, Ridge, and Aker. Though it had only been a month since I had seen them, seems like they grew a couple of inches! We heard all about Ridge’s soccer exploits and saw Aker in glasses for the first time—cute kids. As we were about to leave, the car wouldn’t start—dead battery—and, we got a boost (jump) from Matt’s truck. Since the battery was apparently fried, we were off to Costco for a replacement—leaving the car running while we shopped—only to find they do not install batteries. Nevertheless, we bought a new one, and I installed it when we got home.

On Sunday, after church, the power washer was retrieved from the crawlspace/basement, and I used it to wash both our bicycles and her push golf cart. The dust from Arizona had worked its way into all the nooks and crannies of these toys. And, while the power washer was out, I washed the rugs from the motorhome and spread them out to dry in the sun. We’re getting there…

Taking a break from household chores, we both played pickleball at Balboa Baptist Church Monday morning (March 14). It was fun, but most of the players are bangers, and either do not know how, or choose not to do drop shots and dinks. Kay held her own quite well; she has improved so much over the winter. If not careful, she’ll advance to the next level for competitive play. After pickleball, I played golf with the HSV guys at DeSoto golf course. It wasn’t a pretty game, but it sure was fun.

It rained all night, and continued through Tuesday morning; golf was canceled. I used the time to work on photos, write blog posts, and do genealogy research. 

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were filled with completing unpacking winter items from the motorhome, re-familiarizing ourselves with the house, playing a bit of pickleball, and playing golf. Recall work was done on the Honda Pilot, the house’s HVAC unit was cleaned and inspected, and Kay attended a pickleball clinic at Diamante.

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