Wednesday and Thursday, March 9-10, 2022—Enroute to Arkansas, Two Long Driving Days

The goal Wednesday was to continue southeast through El Paso, then east to Monahan Sandhills State Park in Monahan, Texas, to overnight; I had stopped there in November 2020 and November 2021 on the way from Arkansas to Arizona. This would be a relative short and easy driving day. Upon arrival, the office advised that they had no vacancies—it was impossible to reach them via phone! Consequently, we made the camping loop so Kay could see the dunes.

We then continued eastward to Coffee Creek RV Resort in Santo, Texas, just west of Weatherford. This resulted in a 600-mile travel day! We arrived before dark even with a time zone change, and fortunately, not too worse for wear.

Our 600-mile day trip

Thursday, the drive took us east towards Dallas, then northeast to home, a total of over 400+ miles. The trip was uneventful, though we did stop at Buc-ee’s fulfilling a bucket list item for Kay.

Homeward bound

We arrived safe and sound at the Hot Springs Village RV park about 5 PM. Kay took the old Honda CR V home as it was packed to the brim. Meanwhile, I began the process of setting up, so that the arduous task of unpacking the RV could take place. Kay returned with my car, and after filling it with stuff, we drove home to find Kay’s car’s battery dead. We began the overnight process of charging it, unpacked most of the stuff in the car, took hot showers, and enjoyed sleeping in the house bed (the motorhome bed is identical). 

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