Sunday through Thursday, March 20-31, 2022—Completing Repairs from Winter in Arizona

Kay and I squeezed in nine holes of golf, walking at Coronada Golf Course Sunday afternoon after church. She’s scored pretty well, and is getting so good, I hesitate to play with her! We had loads of fun. And, in the evening we resurrected our Sunday night bridge game with Jim and Jackie; Jackie was the big winner.

Golf at Coronada Golf Course

On Monday morning, the 2011 Honda CR V went in to Class Action Paint & Body just outside Hot Springs Village for repairs to damage suffered in early January at Palm Creek in Arizona. (A guy backed out of his carport and into the passenger side of the car.)

Our “baby” has a booboo

Fortunately, all the parts were available, and it should be repaired in a few days. After dropping off the car, I attended a Church Council meeting and Kay played pickleball at Diamante. I joined the guys for golf in the afternoon at Ponce de Leon Golf Course and despite playing pretty badly, had a great time.

Rain on Tuesday foreclosed all outdoor activities, and provided time for both of us to catch up on chores. I played pickleball at Balboa Baptist Church on Wednesday, and Kay attended the Duffers (ladies’ golf organization here in Hot Springs Village) Spring luncheon. Pickleball and golf were on the calendar again Thursday.

Balboa Baptist Church indoor pickleball courts

The “old” Honda CR V collision repairs were finished on Thursday, and we picked it up. They did such a great job (see in the photo below), even polishing the dull headlights. The motorhome was driven to Cummins Sales and Service in North Little Rock on Friday for generator repairs. That wiped out all of the morning for me; Kay did some household chores and then played golf in the afternoon.

Cummins Sales and Service in North Little Rock

An unexpected visit from the Adams family was a great delight on Saturday; we had a blast. Karyn, Matt, and Ridge enjoyed an introduction to pickleball and loved the game—warms my heart!  We all seemed to have a great time playing together.  While they were all naturals, Ridge was especially good, and like his mother, loves outdoor sports.

Aker wanted to hang out and fish so Kay stayed home with her, and they played and fished—quality granddaughter/grandmother time. Back together again, they all enjoyed kayaking Lake Estrella. Ridge has outgrown his “sit on” kayak!  Aker will inherit it, and then our younger Memphis kiddos. We love our grandkids to the moon and beyond…just sayin’.

Though Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, we attended church, played pickleball, and then played bridge. Life is a hoot. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were somewhat back to normal, if there is any such thing. We played pickleball, golf, and took care of “look pretty” appointments.

As the month of March ended on Thursday, we picked up the motorhome from Cummins in North Little Rock, paying a small fortune for the generator repair (replacement of the “board”). This wrapped up our major maintenance/repair items from almost four months spent in Arizona. Back at the Village, East Gate Pharmacy had the newly approved booster vaccine. Since we will be traveling internationally in a few weeks, we took advantage of the “not too long” waiting line and got our fourth COVID vaccination, and our second booster, and are now up to date. That made for a tiring day, and we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening lounging about.

As an aside, here are some photos of Cliff Palace in Mesa Verde National Park in New Mexico made during a trip in late September and early October 2008. Cliff Palace is the largest cliff dwelling in North America, has over 150 individual rooms and more than 20 kivas (rooms for religious rituals). Crafted of sandstone, wooden beams and mortar, the Cliff Palace has been remarkably well preserved from the elements for the past 700 years.

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