Monday and Tuesday, November 1-2, 2021—All About Mushrooms

The hike yesterday was really good. Fall may be my favorite time of year, though it seems to come later each successive year. Monday was golf day for me, followed by bridge at the Morris’. Bridge is so much fun when you get good cards, but Kay is a ferocious player so beware when she is your opponent. Regrettably, we don’t play well together, but tonight was an exception. And, for some reason, Jackie and I play well together, but tonight was an exception; it’s all about the cards. Jim is the luckiest player in the world, and seemingly gets great hands every week.

Having seen some of the iPhone photos of mushrooms taken on Sunday, Dan and I returned to the Ouachita Trail Tuesday afternoon with the big cameras, macro lenses, and tripods to capture the subtle colors and textures of the various species of mushroom. We were not disappointed.

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