Wednesday through Friday, November 3-5, 2021—Golf and More Mushrooms

Kay and I went out to breakfast Wednesday morning, something we don’t do often enough. And then, it was back home for blog updating and photo editing for me while Kay joined the Wednesday afternoon ladies golf group for nine holes. 

Dr. Jeffrey Tauth gave me a good bill of health, heart wise, at the semiannual visit on Thursday. Last year about this time, he was inserting a couple of stents in my arteries. All the fatty foods and cholesterol intake from mom’s great cooking caught up with me about 7 years ago, and I still don’t have what it takes to lose weight; shame on me! Afterwards, golf at Isabella’s Santa Maria nine proved just good enough to escape buying the beer. Tom Noble, Don Baggett, and Steve Seitz were my playing partners, and it was great fun. I sure enjoy being around this group of guys.

On Friday, Kay spent a good part of the day at the Glitz and Garland Christmas sale in Benton and Dan and I returned to the Ouachita Trail at mile marker 192 (Arkansas Highway 9 east to Pinnacle Mountain State Park) to photograph mushrooms.

The area in which we concentrated photographing mushrooms

The mushroom hunting season is about over with cold weather and hunting season coming. The following is a slideshow of the various mushrooms photographed. Just click on the right or left arrow to advance.

And, here is my favorite photo for the day.

After navigating a difficult path to this mushroom, the reward was worth it

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