Thursday through Sunday, October 21-31, 2021—It’s a Wrap

After experiencing the busyness of the East Tennessee entertainment complex, we awoke Thursday morning, October 21, and celebrated Ridge’s 10th birthday. It’s so exciting to watch him grow and mature, but sad at the same time! Today, he was one happy kid. After the quick celebration (we actually celebrated all week), Kay and I departed for the 10-hour trip home, while the Adams’ departed for Paducah, KY, for Matt’s business. We arrived home about 5 PM.

Kay and I received the Moderna COVID booster at the Hot Springs Village Church of Christ on Friday. As with the 2nd Moderna vaccination, I began feeling ill on Saturday and was down, out, and in bed with a headache, fever, and joint aches. This lasted through Saturday and until late Sunday afternoon, some 51 hours—and I’d do it again in a heartbeat! Kay only suffered a bit of an ache at the injection site and had dinner with the “old girls” in Little Rock in the late afternoon while I continued recovery from the COVID booster.

We were back to normal on Monday. Kay got a short golf lesson that fixed a minor swing problem, followed by a pedicure. And, I returned to the golf course with the Monday/Thursday group—they are so much fun to be around. Pickleball, more golf, personal grooming, a hearing test, church photos, and house maintenance filled Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

One of Kay’s weekly golf groups

We made yet another trip to the Little Rock area on Saturday for Ridge’s last soccer game. It’s been a tough season for their team, yet he play’s his heart out each Saturday.

Kay and I got out on the Ouachita Trail on Sunday after church. We hiked from the Arkansas Highway 9 Trailhead west to Nancy Shelter and back, a distance of just over 5 miles.

It was a beautiful afternoon for hiking, and we met several other outdoors people enjoying the national forest. Colorful leaves, mushrooms, and fallen trees were prevalent along the trail. What a way to wrap up a busy month; October 2021 is now in the books!

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