Thursday through Sunday, June 24-27, 2021—Early Summer Doldrums, Volume 2

Challenging pickleball matches on Thursday morning provided a lot of exercise and laughter—pickleball is so addictive.

This was a girls’ weekend. Kay played golf Friday afternoon and got home, just before Sue, Kay’s friend from early childhood, arrived for a weekend visit. While they caught up on news and happenings, a butterfly and a few dragonflies posed in our back “yard” for photographs.

Saturday night was girls’ night out at the casino, and included Pam; no one bragged about winning lots of money. I saved a bunch of money by not going— the camera equipment doesn’t count—and instead making photos of a couple of dragonflies.

We all went to church on Sunday and heard Sieg, our pastor, preach one of his finest sermons (at least it spoke to me) on “Reconciliation”. After church and blueberry pancake breakfast, a couple species of butterflies and a couple species of dragonflies allowed their portrait to be made in the back of our property. 

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