Sunday through Wednesday, June 20-23—Early Summer Doldrums, Volume 1

Heat and humidity has dominated the weather this week; soaking wet clothes are common place when performing any outside activity.

I played golf on Monday; Tuesday was a “free” day except for some glamour appointments by our resident beauty, Kay. 

She golfed early Wednesday morning, and I watered deck and patio plants. While watering, a few dragonflies were hunting prey while dodging their own predators, hungry birds, in our back “yard”. Also, a Least Skipper made its presence known on nearby aquatic vegetation at lake’s edge. Here a a couple of photos.

Afterward, Jane Dunn (no relation), a Facebook friend and retired professor of biology at Henderson State University (her husband was president of HSU), communicated a desire to see and photograph Diana Fritillaries and off we went to a nearby natural area. Our first stop was to see the very rare Pelton’s Rose Gentia wildflower, and on the walk photographing a couple of dragonflies, including a possible rare Ouachita Spiketail.

Regrettably, there were few butterflies nectaring, but she did get a few photos. Dragonflies were abundant and we both got several great photos, including a spectacular Calico Pennant.

We also saw a Jewelweed bloom and a lizard.

Kay and I wrapped up the day playing pickleball with the Hot Spring Village Paddle Wheelers.

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