Monday through Wednesday, June 28-30, 2021—Another Sports Injury

Typically, the first of each week is when I play golf, with some pickleball mixed in, whereas Kay plays golf towards the end of the week. During a fun pickleball match Monday morning, a move left and an immediate side step right resulted in a painful pulled left hamstring, and I stretched before the game. Thus, no golf nor pickleball for me for the foreseeable future.

Kay and I had our first official checkup with our new doctor, Dr. Seth Barnes, late Tuesday afternoon. We are both doing great, and our bloodwork was within the margins.

Kay had an early golf day Wednesday, I got a haircut, and the house got cleaned—a pretty full morning. I did manage to hobble out to the back for a couple of photographs. It’s been so hot and humid that making photos has been pushed to the back burner. June 2021 is a wrap!

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