Wednesday through Saturday, June 16-19—Chronic Back and Leg Pain

With an early start, Kay had a full day on Wednesday. She left the house shortly after 6AM to be the “deck” starter for the Lady Duffers Golf League. And then, she played golf to wrap up the morning, followed by a board meeting in the early afternoon. With only a haircut on my schedule, I enjoyed the day at home working on photos, etc., and taking a few photos in the back near the lake. 

Shortly after lunch, I drove the short distance to Middle Fork Barrens Natural Area to photograph Diana Fritillary butterflies.

A few other species of butterflies were nectaring.

Even a dragonfly, a few other bugs, and a flower or two were there.

We both played pickleball with the Hot Springs Village Paddle Wheelers Wednesday evening, followed by dinner at the local Mexican restaurant—definitely a full day. And, my back and legs were really hurting (lumbar spinal stenosis rates it ugly head about once a week).

We swapped busy days on Thursday as I played pickleball followed by 18 holes of golf. I had a good front nine, but the heat and humidity took over on hole #8, and I couldn’t keep hands and golf gloves dry from #8 through #16—decent score on the front, high score on the back! The cramp-like pain residing in my butt, thighs, and calves continue to hurt, with no relief in sight. Kay enjoyed a great The Book Club meeting in central Arkansas, their second meeting in 15 months.

She and I left the house relatively early Friday morning for medical lab work prior to seeing our new doctor next week. She then attended a memorial service for a PEO sister. Three friends of ours have died this past week; one of the negatives of growing older is the frequency of friends and relatives dying. The highlight of the week was dinner with Karyn and her family at Lone Star Steak House in Bryant, a father’s day gift, and one of my favorites. Both grands presented handmade cards, the beer was cold, the food good, and the company extraordinary. Thank you, Karyn, Matt, Ridge, and Aker; I am EXTRA blessed. And, the Alleve began working on the back and leg pain.

Having had a busy week, we took it easy on Saturday, though Kay did go to the Farmers’ Market in Hot Springs. We joined Ron and Bev Graham at Village Bible Church for a gospel concert by the Guardians. A trio of men from the church opened for them, the worship pastor, associate pastor, and a member who had sung for the Melody Boys. They were awesome!

1 thought on “Wednesday through Saturday, June 16-19—Chronic Back and Leg Pain

  1. It seems like you hate giving in and are ‘playing’ through the pain! Kudos! Nice that you are able to eat in a restaurant. Happy Father’s Day!

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