Saturday through Tuesday, June 12-15—Kay’s Been Exposed to COVID19

Summer has arrived in Arkansas, albeit earlier than the official date for the start of the summer season. Daytime temperatures have been in the mid-90s, and humidity has been stifling—several changes of clothes a day when we participate in outdoor activities!

Saturday was a rest day for us, as we stayed around the house enjoying the AC. Kay received an email noting that one of the women participating in a board meeting last Tuesday (June 8) tested positive for COVID19; Kay also participated in that board meeting and actually sat next to the lady. Now, we’re on pins and needles despite us both having had COVID vaccinations.

With the potentially devastating news yesterday about Kay’s exposure to COVID, we isolated Sunday at home. There were a few dragonflies out and about at our place; I took the opportunity to make some photos.

On Monday, Kay bit the bullet and spent $100 for a quick, but reliable, COVID test at our local pharmacy; she tested NEGATIVE! What a relief as we both had full schedules. Kay took the “old” Honda in for a brake job, and I participated in a Board of Trustees meeting for church, followed by an afternoon of golf. Despite the heat, it was good being back to leading a normal life.

Tuesday was “manicure” day for Kay while I played golf with our church men’s scramble. It was hot.

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