Friday, June 11, 2021—Finally Found the Butterflies

The COHUMC UMW Garage and Bake Sale began in earnest Friday morning, and Kay worked the sale most of the day. Attendance and sales were quite heavy. 

Despite the oppressive weather, Dan and I traveled to Cherokee Prairie Natural Area near Charleston, Arkansas, in search of new butterflies. We were disappointed as the butterflies were far and few between, though we did see a few Spicebush Swallowtails, an Orange Sulphur, an American Lady or two, and a Pearl Crescent.

Dragonflies were in abundance, though all observed were the same species.

Also, a Dickscissel posed long enough for a photo. By then we were both soaking wet from perspiration.

Even a few wildflowers were blooming.

From Cherokee Prairie Natural Area, we traveled a couple of miles to Flanagan Prairie Natural Area. Again, we were disappointed with only a few butterflies spotted. In fact this tiny Gray Hairstreak is the only butterfly photo I made. As with Cherokee Prairie, a number of dragonflies were spotted.

After stopping at Subway in Paris, Arkansas, for a brief lunch, we traveled to Mount Magazine State Park in hopes of sighting butterflies, though we were not optimistic; were we ever wrong. Immediately upon entering the North Rim Trail, Silver-spotted Skippers were spotted nectaring on the blooms of the Self Heal Herb (Prunella Vulgaris).

Great Spangled Fritillaries were observed as were an occasional American Lady.

Numerous skippers were seen.

And, my first Creole Pearly-eye was recorded. By the way, the temperature at Mount Magazine state Park was 81°, 12° cooler than in the prairies! 

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