Sunday through Friday, May 23-28—Finally, Some Butterflies

Life for us has pretty much returned to normal, whatever that is. Kay continues with board duties for PEO (Philanthropic Education Organization) and the Lady Duffers (HSV womens’ 9-hole social golf league) while playing with another golf group, and playing pickleball a couple times a week. I played golf two times this week as well as playing pickleball a couple of times.

Butterflies, dragonflies, and damselflies are slowing appearing at our place in Hot Springs Village, later than in the past few years. Sunday, after church, three different species of butterflies were observed at our place. With camera, lens, and tripod in hand, a Question Mark and a Hackberry Emperor were photographed at the base of the same tree, and a Red-spotted Purple was photographed nectaring on a freshly hung basket of Vinca.

Hackberry Emperor
Question Mark butterfly opened for a picture
Question Mark butterfly closed (note the inverted, small question mark in the middle of its “wing”)
Red-spotted Purple butterfly

I was so desperate to make pictures that I “captured” this Carolina Chickadee waiting on a space at the feeder.

Carolina Chickadee

No new butterflies were spotted at our place on Monday, but a couple of dragonflies and a damselfly were; and, of course, they were photographed.

Variable Dancer damselfly

This unusual bloom was spotted on an aquatic plant adjacent to our dock.

I got in a round of golf on Tuesday with our church group, but pickleball was canceled because of the threat of rain.

Kay got in a golf game Wednesday morning before the rain, but our HSV Paddlewheelers pickleball game was canceled. Since pickleball was canceled, I drove the few minutes to Middle Fork Barrens Nature Area and found an array of new wildflowers.

Indian Pink finally began blooming (one of my favorites).

A dragonfly and a damselfly were also seen.

Blue Dancer damselfly

Butterflies, mostly skippers, were plentiful as the sun warmed the area, and I was rewarded with these photos.

More rain and a mix-up by the HSV Pickleball Club thwarted my playing pickleball this week though Kay did get in a few games on Thursday evening. Additionally, she played a round of golf on Friday afternoon before dinner at Diamante with the Hartmans.

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