Thursday through Saturday, May 13-22—A Sense of Normality Has Returned

Not much has changed from that last reported. However, the loosening of Covid-19 restrictions has meant that we are now able to share time with close family and friends in settings other than our houses. In that regard, Kay attended her first The Book Club meeting Thursday afternoon, May 13, in over a year; The Book Club had suspended meetings last April 2020. It has been in existence for 41 years!

I returned to Middle Fork Barrens Natural Area on Friday morning, May 14, to photograph wildflowers.

Even a few butterflies made an appearance and remained still long enough for a decent picture.

Carolina Satyr
Silvery Checkerspot
Southern Cloudywing

One dragonfly and one damselfly presented themselves for photos.

Ozark Clubtail dragonfly, a lifer
Variable Dancer damselfly

Saturday and Sunday, May 15-16, grandson Ridge played soccer in the state tournament in North Little Rock, state championship. His team, the Rangers (class of 2011 because all players were born in 2011), won all four games, allowing only one goal, to claim the state championship. It was a thrilling couple of days, and Kay and I were able to watch him play.

Kay and I met our new doctor, Dr. Seth Barns, on Monday, May 17. We really liked our former doctor, Dr. Xu, but he left the CHI group for private practice and we felt it in our best interest to remain in the CHI group for consolidated information and medical histories.

For the first time in well over a year, granddaughter Aker spent the first solo night (Friday, May 21) away from home, and we were the recipients of her visit. Kay and Aker met Aker’s other family members on Saturday, May 22, at the Hot Springs Alligator & Petting Zoo.

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