Saturday through Monday, May 29-31—Memorial Day Weekend

With more and more COVID-19 restrictions being lifted in Arkansas, it seems we’re back to normal (well, almost).

For the first time in over a year, we were able to entertain one of the kids and her family for the weekend in an almost regular fashion. To say it was a busy few days would be a gross understatement. Immediately after arriving Saturday morning, Karyn and Ridge headed to the crawl space to retrieve fishing rods, reels, and tackle. Regrettably, I had let the supply of tackle dwindle to almost nothing; Karyn and Matt drove to the nearest bait shop and purchased hooks, sinkers, floats, worms, and minnows. Of course, Aker had to be in on the fun and joined brother, mom, and dad on a crowded dock. Wind was heavy, blowing directly into their faces, resulting in slow fishing, though a few small bream and bass fell victim to the live bait. 

View of Lake Estrella from the dock

Though fishing was the first event, it certainly was not the last. Next was kayaking on the lake. Ridge brought a new kayak, and took to kayaking like a duck to water; he was a natural, and maneuvered the kayak like a pro despite the windy conditions. His mom, sister, and dad joined in the family fun.

Ridge’s first time in a kayak

After kayaking, it was beach time. They hustled off to Balboa beach and discovered friends were there and had rented a covered pavilion. The kids played in the water until late afternoon. For dinner dry Memphis-style smoked ribs with corn on the cob, salad, potato salad, etc. were served, and then bedtime came early.

Sunday morning saw us gathered at Diamante County Club for their really good brunch buffet.

Brunch at Diamante County Club

Finally open after having to close for the pandemic, the buffet has always been one of our favorites. Seemingly, the food was better Sunday than we previously remembered. After brunch, it was back to the dock for fishing, and then Ridge had to kayak again, being even more comfortable behind the double-bladed paddle. Kayaking was followed by pool time at Diamante Country Club where granddaughter Aker met new friends and had a super time. 

From the pool, it was back to the house driveway to pickup sandwiches, chips, etc. before heading to Balboa beach. There, they joined friends, returning just before dark. Kay fed the grandkids, and parents met their friends for a night out. Kay, the grandkids, and I were in bed by 9 PM. 

“Sleeping in” was the order of the morning on Monday, Memorial Day. After a quick breakfast, Karyn and her family returned home for a busy afternoon; I slept and Kay went shopping.

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