Monday through Wednesday, May 3-12—Rain, Rain Go Away

It’s been a while since a blog entry was last posted!

Though we’re quite active with full schedules, on looking back it seems we lead a pretty dull life, constantly repeating the same activities, day in day out. I did manage to trip to Camp Robinson SUA (AGFC Pepper’s Pond) and William Kirsch Preserve to make photos on Tuesday, May 4. Retriever training was in full blast mode with shotgun sounds booming, etc. so we departed after a couple of hours for  William Kirsch Preserve in Little Rock. There, wind was whipping through the vegetation, minimizing photo opportunities. Photos of wildflowers, butterflies, dragonflies, and birds follow. A click on each photo will enlarge it.

I got a good report from the cardiologist on Thursday, May 6, and the slight heart valve leakage has not intensified.

Kay had a great lunch with her two kids on Saturday, May 8, to celebrate Mother’s Day. It was particularly special and intimate for her as it was only her kids and her.

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