Wednesday through Friday, December 9-11—Preparing for the Long Haul

I awoke to a beautiful desert sunrise Wednesday morning—sunrises and sunsets are always colorful in the desert!

Another beautiful desert sunrise

Allergies, head cold, or whatever it is is still hanging around. Consequently, I opted to take it easy and continue unpacking motorhome bays and boxes, install internet and wifi, and make arrangements for a motorhome wash and wax. As most of you know, I’ve been tinkering with solar power, and there are boxes of speciality tools, connectors, cables, and devices in almost every nook and cranny in the motorhome. These were all removed from their storage containers, and resorted. There are three incomplete sets of tool/boxes in the motorhome, with many duplications. An attempt was made to sort through these and consolidate where possible; that didn’t go so well (perhaps later in the week). With “stuff” scattered about the site, a late breakfast was prepared consisting of an onion, pepper, potato, and smoked sausage scramble and an English muffin, washed down with a Diet Dr. Pepper.

Sautéd onions, bell pepper, potato,, and sausage
Egg Beaters makes a good scramble

The internet provider here is DISH; they were called and authorized the service, I connected the cables, modem, and router—internet is alive and well. Sorting of tools, toys, and storage bays continued off and on throughout the afternoon. The last of the gin left in the motorhome from summer was used for a thin gin and tonic. Neither the old Apple TV nor the Amazon Firestick had the YouTube TV application, so it became time for their retirement!

A well deserved gin and tonic

Last night it stormed and rained, the first rain they’ve had in over 3 months. Rain continued into Thursday morning. Symptoms from the head cold disappeared. It was off to Walmart first thing to pick up a couple of ROKU devices, and cheese and pizza sauce for making low cal pizza on the grill. An order had been prepared on the internet for groceries from Fry’s, a western subsidiary of Kroger, and it was placed in the car at their pickup.The ROKUs were connected with some effort as a result of fat fingers in skinny places, and the connections were made for the various streaming services. Otherwise, it was an uneventful day.

Forgotten password found on bottom of modem/router
Fat fingers in tight places, and thanks to iPhone for photo

An RV wash and wax was scheduled for this morning (Friday) at about 9:15 AM. Consequently, I had an early breakfast and was finishing up when they showed up. After hustling outside to move things away from the motorhome, their generator and power washer were turned on and they began immediately. It was noisy, but none of the neighbors complained. Some of the crew were the same as last year, but the company ownership has changed. I was disappointed in both the quality and amount of cleaning done considering it was supposed to be a “detail” job. After they left, I supplemented the work with more partial detailing. Still, the inside of the bay doors need to be cleaned, and window seals, slide gaskets, and other similar products need to be cleaned and lubricated. I did sort of detail the car, but it needs a thorough vacuuming. Bicycles, golf clubs and carts, gas grill, and other things were put back in place. The afternoon offered a good opportunity for a nap since rising at 3 AM left a lot to be desired, and it was still early to bed.

Motorhome washed and waxed, car washed
Driver’s side view of wash and wax

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