Sunday through Tuesday, December 6-8—Moving Days

Original plans called for travel from Rodeo, NM, to Whitewater Draw near McNeal, AZ, to “boondock” for a few days to photograph Sandhills Cranes. However, the dust blowing across the desert, from traveling a lot of gravel roads, and in most of the parking lots has activated my allergies, with the consequential result of not feeling great, i.e. itchy eyes, runny/stuffy nose, and headache. Thus, this Sunday I opted to travel directly to Fort Huachuca, a less dusty environment. The short drive (112 miles) allowed setting up the motorhome just after lunch. With strong internet, a number of photos were posted as were several blog entries ( Still not feeling well, the rest of the afternoon and evening were used to recover from the allergies, now turning into a winter cold.

I awoke Monday with the intent of traveling to the nearby San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area for hiking and birding, and then to Ramsey Canyon to photograph hummingbirds. However, the wind was howling, with a forecast of continued heavy winds and warm temperatures. I opted to remain in the motorhome, continuing to recover.

Still not feeling well on Monday, I decided Tuesday morning to travel to our winter residence, Palm Creek in Casa Grande, AZ. It would position me to better take care of health issues should the virus progress. The 141-mile drive Tuesday morning was mostly via I-10, through Tucson, and without issues. After checking in and being escorted to the site, the motorhome was partially setup. The potable water was connected, via the water softener, and an external propane tank was connected to the Extend-a-Stay installed a few weeks ago (to save on the exorbitant cost of propane delivered to one’s site. Some of the bays were emptied, though I brought so many toys and so much junk that it’s hard to sort through all of it. The bicycles were unloaded and the bicycle carrier and front tow bar were removed from the toad (old Honda CRV). A quick wash and vacuum partially removed all the dust and grime, though enough remains that it will have to be done again, and again. Tonight, bedtime came early.

Our site for the winter; lot of vacancies

1 thought on “Sunday through Tuesday, December 6-8—Moving Days

  1. Hope you’re feeling better. It’s good you made changes to your original plan. Take care Donald. I continue to enjoy your blogs. Especially the photos.

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