Saturday, December 12, 2020—Tinkering with the Set-up

Such irregular sleeping hours—8 or 9 PM waking up at 3 AM, then napping after lunch—are not conducive to a productive outdoor lifestyle. This morning, after breakfast of heated overnight oatmeal, almond milk, and blueberries, was spent toying with the solar panels/system. After everything was connected, the power was turned off at the “post” as an experiment to live “partially” off the grid (except for water and internet), i.e. to see if the house battery bank would last all day and night charged by the solar panels during the day. Everything in the motorhome worked except the AC; the refrigerator, heater, and water heater worked off propane via the bottle hooked up with Extend-A-Stay. 

Solar panels connected to other electronics in bay by the door

The afternoon was spent installing a sunscreen to the awning end and over the patio to create something of a separate room, where we could enjoy outdoor time. This took longer than expected as it proved difficult sliding the screen into the awning slot, and then driving pegs into the hard ground to hold tie downs. Nevertheless, with the help of a ladder—carried for the first time this year—it is now in place. 

Sunscreen is in place

Clean-up of the tools and gadgets on the patio finally completed, though things are not exactly where they need to be. Dinner was early, about 3 PM. The pizza/grilling stone was placed on the gas grill, oiled, and then heated.

Pizza stone (needs curing)

A “low cal” pizza was created consisted of a low carb, high protein tortilla, pizza sauce, onions, peppers, turkey sausage crumbles, and mozzarella cheese.

Pizza ready to bake

It cooked for 15 minutes but needed to have cooked another 5-10 minutes.

Dinner, pizza and salad

A quiet evening was spent watching YouTube videos, mostly about RVing and photography.

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