Thursday through Saturday, October 15-17—Covid-19 Fatigue

Fatigue from Covid-19 has finally arrived. While there are many chores to be done and tasks performed, a high degree of sameness surrounds us in our everyday life. Social networking is definitely out, so we only do social activities with a very select number of friends and family. When will this ever end?

I finally managed to get a haircut Thursday; that was the highlight of the day. Kay enjoyed golf with her ladies group on Friday.

Saturday, I finally got back to working on the Briefcase Solar System. Holes were cut on the left side of the briefcase for Anderson connectors, and the connectors were epoxied in place. See photos below.

Hole was cut and Anderson connectors fitted into briefcase
Interior view of temporary placement of Anderson connectors
Both holes for Anderson connectors were cut on left side of briefcase
First set of Anderson connectors epoxied in place
Interior view of first set of Anderson connectors epoxied in place
Both sets of Anderson connectors epoxied into side of briefcase

10AWG wire was attached to the Anderson connectors on the inside of the briefcase. One set will be from the solar panels to the charge controller, and the other set will be from the charge controller to a battery bank, including an inline breaker.

Briefcase wiring almost complete

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