Sunday, October 18—William Kirsch Preserve

I had to get out of the house and away from Hot Springs Village. Kay was scheduled to spend the afternoon at the casino, so Dan Olson and I went to Camp Robinson Special Use Area. Dog trainers were everywhere, and with their compressed air “duck dummy” canons, occupied most of the area. Dan made a few photos, and I kept busy making, and trying to make, adjustment to the camera. (NOTE: The shutter locked on 10-second delay self-timer when in manual mode. After living with it for the day, internet search revealed it is not an uncommon problem and the solution was to reset the camera. It worked, and no other settings were lost!)

We finally gave up on Camp Robinson, and drove to William Kirsch Preserve in Little Rock. Overcast skies made for a good photo-making day. A few late season wildflowers were blooming, an occasional butterfly flittered about, and grasshoppers were everywhere. Tree leaves had just begun changing colors. CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE

Kay and I played bridge with the Morrises tonight. Once again, Kay dominated the scoring with Jackie coming in a close second. We all were dealt strange hands most of the evening, and I had several with fewer than 6 points. Poor Jim had feast or famine hands, and most were famine. 

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