Wednesday, October 14—Another Medical Test

One of the many things I detest about being old is all the medical appointments one has to attend. Of course, if one had taken better care of himself, he would not have so many appointments. Today, it was back to the cardiologist for a chemical stress test. This means no caffeine for the last 24 hours, and combined with the slow-release nitroglycerin, I had had a severe headache for the last couple of days. I was first injected with some nuclear chemical, and after waiting, a number of photographs were made of the heart. And then, I was injected with another chemical to “speed up” the heart to the point of stressing it. I was short of breath for a few seconds, and had a slight feeling of compression in the heart area for a few seconds, and otherwise, no ill affects. I was then allowed to have caffeine, and since Kay had pre-positioned a cup of black coffee in the car, I gulped it down. We drove to McDonald’s for a late breakfast, and a convenience store for Diet Mountain Dew, supposedly loaded with caffeine. And then it was back to the cardiology clinic for more waiting. Finally, a few more photographs were made of the heart, and I was released. No calls were received in the afternoon, so apparently nothing showed up in the stress test.

No progress was made on the Briefcase Solar System today. However, in addition to designing and building it, I purchased a Rockpals 250-watt Portable Generator Rechargeable Lithium Battery Pack Solar Generator to allow use of a CPAP when without AC power. The lack of being able to operate the CPAP has been a major impediment to primitive camping. Because the lithium battery pack does not have a 12 volt cigarette lighter receptacle, I bought a 12V Power Supply cable for CPAP machine so that it could be hooked up, basically a plug and chug! and the Rockpals lithium power station can be charged with the solar system!

Rockpals 250-watt lithium power station
Self explanatory

Kay and I played pickle ball in the evening with the Paddle Wheelers. Kay continues to improve and there we’re several good volleys during the matches. Serving seems to be an Achilles heal for her. Afterwards, we enjoyed a “socially distanced” happy hour on the parking lot of Waypoint Marina. We live such a blessed life.

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