Saturday and Sunday, October 3-4—More Grandkids

Dan Olson and I drove to McClellan Beaver Dam Trail early mid-morning on Saturday to make photographs of any incoming migrant birds. Not long after getting equipment set up and beginning the walk, several people show up from the Animal Welfare League to walk dogs. A lot of noise and movement does not make for good birding, so we left there and drove to Cooper Preserve on the east side of Hot Springs Village. There, we found several neat plants and blooms along the trail, but lighting was so poor that I failed to get many good photographs. As the sun rose higher, we moved into the open area and noted several butterflies nectaring on what few blooms were present.

As an early birthday present, Kay and I offered to keep Ridge and Aker overnight to give Mom Karyn a break. Kay met them in Benton, and brought them to our house. They are so at home here—warms the cockles of our hearts. Ridge grabbed the iPad and began playing games while Aker and I played with unicorns and horses. It’s not to bad getting on the floor to play with her, but getting up is a real chore! Sunday morning, Kay met Karyn again at Benton to return the kids as Ridge had an early soccer game. We enjoyed a quiet afternoon (really quiet after having the two grandkids) and played bridge with the Morrises Sunday evening.

Aker being just a bit sassy
Ridge playing games on the iPad

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