Monday and Tuesday, October 5-6—Procrastinating One Time to Many

Happy birthday to our daughter, Karyn (actually, Kay’s daughter, my bonus daughter).

I procrastinated signing up for Monday golf, and with great weather, the courses are heavily scheduled. Thus, tee times are difficult, if not impossible, to obtain a few hours before one wants to play. So, no golf today. I had also procrastinated about repairing both the powder room and guest bathrooms as the flush valve on both were in disrepair. Half-hearted adjustments lasted only a few hours or days? Wishing nothing scheduled, I undertook that project. After cutting off the water and disconnecting the fill valve on the guest bathroom commode, I unbolted the tank and removed the flush valve. (I would have done this sooner, but bought the wrong size flush valves from Lowe’s.) the new flush valve was installed, the tank bolted onto the bowl, water connected to fill valve and then turned on. It flushed so nicely! However, there was a slight leak, and after tightening the tank bolts several times, all was well. The same fix was performed on the powder room commode. As is most often the case, this project took much less time than expected. I should have done it sooner.

Flush valve (red flapper and vertical tube). Note how the float arm had to be bent.

Dan Olson and I traveled to Middle Fork Barrens Natural Area to photograph the season’s last butterflies and wildflowers. We were surprised to enjoy a bit of luck as there were more butterflies than expected. Also, there were a few remaining wildflowers in bloom (I need to work on wildflower photography).

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