Thursday and Friday, October 1-2—Meet Newest Granddaughter, Sutton

September went by in a blur, mostly because of Covid-19 disrupting so many daily routines, including social activities so necessary in retirement.

Little was planned for October 1. Kay had a social outing with The Book Club friends living in Hot Springs Village (practicing social distancing, of course) while I played golf.

Friday was a BIG day for us! Up early, we drove the 200 miles to Memphis to meet newest granddaughter, Sutton. Just over a month old, she sleeps a lot, and hardly cries. Her big sister, Harper, mothers her as only a mature 8-year old can do. And, speaking of Harper, she is attending school virtually, with a live teacher and students; all of her school is being conducted virturally.  She uses a school-provided computer, and seems to be progressing well. Little brother Linc is into everything, climbing upon and over the furniture and anything else on which he can get a hand or food hold. Mom Jenny is doing great. We’re so proud of the woman she’s become! While there, she and I hung a porch swing that belonged to my mom and dad. Jenny spent many hours at their house on the swing, pushing it back and forth with her foot agains the cut rock wall—great memories.

Miss Sutton
Master Lnc
Linc, Harper, and Harper on porch swing

On the way home, we stopped briefly at Costco for gasoline and to have my hearing aids cleaned and serviced. We returned home, tired from being on the road all day, and enjoyed a quiet evening watching British television.

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