Tuesday and Wednesday, September 29-30—Too Many Projects?

It’s entirely possible that I’ve undertaken too many projects; a few are completed, some are underway, and a few have not yet begun:

  • install Extend-a-Stay tee to RV propane tank
  • Commode repair for house
  • Dishwasher repair for house
  • Designing and building briefcase solar system 
  • Replace resin in RV water softener
  • Add gutter spout to RV
  • Make shock cords for RV awning and sunshade
  • Clean and reorganize RV storage
  • Collect and organize tent camping equipment

While we were visiting Norfork via motorhome last weekend before last, I installed a Camco Extend-a-Stay 4-port brass tee as an addition to the RV propane tank. This will allow us to both use an auxiliary propane tank and semi-permanently connect the gas grill to the tank. Using auxiliary tank will save enough money in a couple of months to pay for the system as delivered propane is up to $4 per gallon versus taking the auxiliary tank to be filled for just over $2 per gallon, and we use about 5 gallons per week when it’s cold. (One gallon of propane weighs 4.2 pounds. A “full” 20 pound cylinder should have 4.7 gallons or propane in it.)  Thus, that project is finished.

Camco Extend-a-Stay 4-port brass tee
Camco. Extend-a-Stay allows using auxiliary tank and gas grill or other LP appliances
After installation

On Tuesday, while Kay played golf, I began another long-awaited project: printing, matting, and framing photos. And, after the first photo was printed, one of the ink cartridges required filling. Ink had been preordered to refill the cartridges as new OEM cartridges are very expensive. The fill job was almost error free, though I did spill a little ink on the scale, but it wiped off (mostly).

Editing photo for printing
Beginning photo printing
Printed photo

While the print was drying, I measured and cut mat board; this was not error free as I made more than a few mistakes. Nevertheless, the mistakes were learning tools, and the double matted photograph looked good, especially after being framed.

Measuring outer mat board
Cutting outer mat board
Cutting inner mat
Ready to attach photo to mat board
Finished projects (larger photo is Turk’s Cap Lily and smaller is Thistle)

Wednesday morning Kay played golf with the Lady Duffers and shot a decent score. She continues to improve each week, and that is quite an accomplishment considered she has only been playing five years. I had a follow-up video visit with the doctor, and except for cholesterol being too high, all was well. Kay and I played pickleball with the Paddle Wheelers Wednesday evening, and she played an outstanding game. Again, she did not “do” sports growing up, and this is all new to her. After the pickleball matches, we met with the other Paddle Wheelers for an appropriate socially-distanced happy hour.

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