Sunday and Monday, September 27-28—Back to Making Photographs

Still quarantined from church via doctor’s orders, Sundays are much like other days. I have been neglect in watching services online, and need to catch up! God still exhibited His wonders as sunshine and warm temperatures brought a few creatures out to pose for photographs.

Ocola Skipper
Fiery Skipper
Eastern Bluebird
Carolina Chickadee
American Anole
American Anole

Kay asked that a photo be made of her blooming hibiscus, and I accommodated her Monday morning. The shrubs are now four or five years old, and we have kept them alive despite dry weather, winter, and now the deer. They are kept in the crawl space under the house during the winter, and somehow manage to survive and green out again each spring.


I played golf Monday afternoon, and scored pretty well for a duffer. Kay attended a pickleball lesson Monday evening.

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