Tuesday through Saturday, September 22-26—So, What’s Normal

Tuesday morning, the motorhome was readied for the trip back to home at Hot Springs Village. There was surprisingly little traffic, making the trip a pleasant drive through the Arkansas countryside. After arriving at the storage facility, the motorhome was unpacked, and we made our way home, to continue our abnormal normal life.

Wednesday was a special day for Kay as she celebrated her ??th birthday.  It was a relatively quiet day as Covid-19 has upended any sense of a normal celebration. The pandemic has heightened our awareness of debilitating viruses; consequently, we made sure to get flu and pneumonia injections. Kay received both injections, while I got only the pneumonia shot having received the flu shot last week. To formally celebrate Kay’s birthday, we dined at Diamanté Country Club, only the third time we’ve eaten out since mid-March.

We were back to our routine on Thursday, as Kay had lunch with the “Old Girls”, a group of women with whom she taught many years ago, and I played golf, though not so well!

The season for hummingbirds in our area is quickly drawing to a close. The adult males and females have left, leaving only juvenile males to make their journey south. We’ve been blessed to have a half dozen hanging around the feeders, each guarding and defending his small territory. With a couple of branches off dead trees as props, they provided the perfect opportunity to make photographs. Meanwhile, Kay played golf with her Friday group, comprised this day of 7 foursomes. 

Juvenile Male Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Juvenile Male Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Juvenile Male Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Despite feeling uneasy about it, Kay and I traveled to Maumelle to watch Ridge play soccer. Interestingly, a large signed at the entrance to the field warned of Covid-19, and strongly urged people over 65 to not attend. We met Karyn and Aker, and while masked, did our best to socially distance. Ridge’s team was a bit undersized and outmanned, but he played well.

Aker dialing “DD” on her play cell phone
Aker having a telephone conversation with “DD”

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