Monday, September 21—A Rare Shopping Trip and Dinner with the Bodenhamers

After breakfast, we drove to Mountain Home for a rare shopping trip (at least for me) as there were some items I needed/wanted from Home Depot and Harbor Freight. After a quick trip into these stores, we drove through Mountain Home for a look at any changes that have occurred since we left the area 5 years ago; there weren’t many, except for several bank closures. The we left in 2014, there were 26 banks in Mountain Home; at least 5 of those have closed. Loretta brought pizza and salad for an early dinner, and our visit continued. We sure do miss our connection with them, and I particularly miss having coffee with Wayne every mornin and fly fishing many, many days—such a dear friend! Those were the days…

Sometimes, we’d just sit
Wayne can catch a fish out of a mud puddle

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