Wednesday and Thursday, August 26-27—Hurricane Laura and Camping (Part 1)

Apologies in advance; this post has been broken into three parts. This is Part 1.

Not sure what to expect from Hurricane Laura, we patiently awaited its arrival and northward track towards us. On Wednesday, pre-hurricane winds and light rain prevented picture making as the butterflies and dragonflies laid low, out of harm’s way. Kay’s old iPhone 6+ lacked enough memory to support its apps and the photos she wanted to retain. So, it was off to the Verizon store to shop, and purchase a new phone for her. Wow, they are expensive! She ended up with an iPhone 11 Pro with 128 gigs; that should last a couple of years.

The last few weeks of rain, etc. have provided plenty of time to reminisce about former camping trips. I have always enjoyed camping, and have evolved through most of the stages: backpacking, tent, pop-up camper, travel trailer, 5th wheel, Class C motorhome, and now Class A motorhome.

At 71 years of age, I have only a few years left to enjoy physical activities I really like—including primitive camping. Thus, after purchasing Kay’s iPhone, we returned home and I began amassing and inventorying old camping gear to ascertain the feasibility and viability to camp a few times in wild places.

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