Tuesday, August 25—Returning to a Routine

Motorhome lag did not seem to affect us. The “gain” of one hour time had minimal repercussions since we are both retired and do not have full day schedules. Consequently, we woke up at about the same body time (6:30 AM), had coffee, and caught up on news and social media.

The heat, combined with the lack of rain, necessitates watering the outside potted plants every day. While watering, I check for butterflies and dragonflies, and today found a few Skippers, a returning Monarch, and a couple dragonflies, one of which may be the smallest I’ve ever seen; maybe an Eastern Amber Wing.

Kay had a couple of appointments, while I “piddled“ in the garage working on getting an old battery out of a flashlight. I finally succeeded after several hours of trying, but in doing so, lost the spring which is one of the anode contact points. I spent about an hour looking for it on the cluttered workshop bench with no luck. Shortly after lunch, Dan, a good friend and photography co-conspirator, and I drove around the Village looking for blooms and butterflies. The most productive area we saw was along the storage area fence adjacent to the Magellan Beaver Dam Trail.

Kay made and delivered dinner for Ron and Bev formerly of Conway who have just recently moved to the Village; we met them in Casa Grande, AZ, this past winter. Extras were made for us! What a great life!

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