Wednesday and Thursday, August 26-27—Hurricane Laura and Camping History (Part 2)

As we are in a 2nd marriage, Kay escaped backpacking and the early days of tent camping and camping in the pop-up camper. However, near the time we got married almost 20 years ago, she spent her first night ever in a tent. She tolerated it. And then, Dad “gave” us the 5th wheel trailer he and mom used the last few years of her life, and we spent a few weekends enjoying it before he retracted and sold it. All of our camping photos from this time period were lost several years ago when a lightning strike took out our hard drive, and, of course, we had no backup.

That was not the end of of our camping, however. After a couple years of marriage, we began what was to become an annual canoeing, tent camping, and fishing trip to Quetico Wilderness in Ontario, Canada, with Harry and Mary Lambirth, a superb husband/wife guide team, finally ending the 10-year tradition in 2010.

Though we had decided not to RV again and took a 5-year hiatus, we purchased a travel trailer in 2007—big mistake! This is captured in the blog, late summer 2007.

Upon our return from Glacier NP, after only having the travel trailer for a few months, we traded it for a 29′ Jayco Melbourne B+, a great motorhome. In the four years we had it, we traveled extensively, including short trips in Arkansas, one to Arizona, a couple to south Texas, one to New Mexico, and an extended trip to Henry’s Lake, Idaho. We also took it on a fabulous, unforgettable 81-day journey to Alaska! Actually, they are all unforgettable. Those were our most fun years of camping/RVing.

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