Monday, August 24—Back in the Swing of Things

Blog 11After catching up on news, email, and Facebook, I enjoyed the almost cool air outside, having forgotten how much contentment one derives from watering plants and taking butterfly photos in the mornings. Heat has returned to the Village, but the humidity is a bit lower than in North Carolina, making it tolerable.

Blog 15

Kay shopped this afternoon, restocking the cupboards and refrigerator, while I played golf; a “91” at Isabella Pinta/Santa Maria was not too bad considering I had not picked up a club since mid-July.

After a dinner of pork/chicken stir-fried rice, we watched the Season 7 finale of Endeavour and Episode 3 Season 10 of MI5, likely the last season for both shows—all good things must come to an end.

IMG 3408We’re almost back to normal—i.e. “being home at home” mode—and filling our social calendars with golf, pickleball, haircut and nail salon appointments, etc. I still have a lot of unpacking, mostly toys like float tubes and fly fishing equipment, clothes, and flies; they were never unpacked and used, mostly because of rain!

And charging cords galore, one for each electronic device! I admit, 3 iPads, 3 golf GPSs, 2 computers, and 2 monitors might be a bit excessive.IMG 3407

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