Sunday, August 23—Butterflies and Other Creatures

Sometimes one is just plain lucky. While doing some work in the garage early this morning, I noted a bug on Kay’s car hood. Upon closer examination, it proved to be a butterfly. Quickly grabbing the camera, I made several photographs while it was still in a semi-dormant state because of the cool temperatures. It proved to be a Red-banded Hairstreak. The hood of the car made for an interesting background.

Red-banded Hairstreak

After doing a few chores outside in the back, Kay and I observed a solitary dragonfly, female Widow Skimmer, warming herself on a shrub.

Female Widow Skimmer

Meanwhile a beautiful Monarch was nectaring on a Lantana bloom. The Monarch was very skittish, and only allowed itself to be photographed from a distance.

Also, a few Skippers were nectaring among the many blooms of Lantana, butterfly bushes, butterfly weeds, etc. What a thrill to be back home among the beautiful creatures.

Fiery Skipper

After lunch, Kay and I cleaned the inside of the motorhome and packed a few remaining items, and then put it in storage until next time—hopefully sooner rather than later—as there are some minor maintenance items that need attention.

Kay and Sue (Kay’s longtime friend and our fabulous house sitter) spent the evening at Pam’s celebrating her birthday; they had pizza, cake and ice cream, and wine while watching the first half of Gone With the Wind. I remained home, catching up on blogs and vlogs. Life is good!

And oh, by the way, the Arkansas Photography Club Facebook group administrator has banned me from posting/commenting for 30 days (I’m in “time out”). Though no reason was provided, it’s likely because I expressed concern in a comment regarding their recent group picture, “No masks or social distancing”. Time to resign!

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